Saturday, January 29, 2011

Have Paint Going to Waste?

Most of us have many cans of paint sitting in storage going to waste. I know, I know! You think you will use it for touch up here and there. But in the end we seldom touch up and the paint spoils. So, now you have to buy hardener to harden the paint so you can dispose of it. I have a partial solution for your extra paint. Paint the interior of your garage!

Sitting in my garage I had a full gallon and a partial gallon of house paint that I had used on other houses. I knew the paint was going to just sit there and take up space until I disposed of it. The colors were mauve and white. The interior of my garage was already white. Dirty white, as in dirt on white. So I decided to clean it up with a fresh coat of paint. That led me to these left overs of paint. I decided that it was only the inside of the garage and that mauve wouldn't be too bad of a color.

Man, you should see the garage now! It looks so good that I feel like leaving the overhead door open so the neighbors can see. Not only did I clean up the garage with paint, but it also forced me to clean up my junk and organize. I guarantee you, it looks nicer than a lot of houses I've been inside of. And guess what? Zero cost.

I feel so good about it I think I'll buy myself a Starbucks! Or, maybe a new car to put in my showroom. Just don't tell Audrey these evil thoughts. Please! :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Does Your Table Rock?

One of my biggest pet peeves is a table that rocks back and forth. You know, like the ones they have at Starbucks. That is so irritating! But it just happened to be the only table available.... and for a good reason.

Well, there is a simple temporary fix. You can go get enough napkins and fold them over until they are thick enough to stuff under the table leg. I've done that. Or you can carry some small wooden shims in your purse or computer bag. One simple push and your table doesn't rock.

But speaking of rocking tables, these small round tables could be made slightly different and become more stable. Instead of four points of contact, they could have three points. There will be no rocking there. No rocking means less spilt coffee, which means fewer ruined computers. And, there will be more satisfied customers. I think that's what every business wants.