Friday, December 23, 2011

Painting Tips II

Use a Purdy brush (can be bought at Home Depot) and good paint (also can be bought at Home Depot).

When I say good paint, I mean Behr standard paint, not that stuff with primer already in it. I've tried that stuff and it's too thick, too sticky, does not flow well, and I still have to use two coats, and it's way too expensive. Use their standard paint. That's good stuff. Then pat yourself on the back for saving money.

Also, remember, if your interior walls have already been painted, they don't need primer except for bare spots and exceptionally soiled or stained spots.

Buy a Starbucks with the money you save.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


A few years ago we remodeled our house. Black granite went in the kitchen with the under-mount sink. That was one of the best things we have ever done for our home. In the bathroom we installed Korian with an under-mount sink. Great idea but we don't like the Korian so much.

Today was maintenance day.

The granite in the kitchen had to receive two treatments of sealer. Once that was dry a coat of car wax. They now shine like glass. Easy. Takes a little time, but easy.

The Korian was not so easy. There were dull spots where the previous finish has peeled up and the countertop looked scarred. We were scared it was scarred. (Just a little play on words). I found the remedy for this to be a couple coats of quick drying glossy floor wax. Once that was dry, I then applied a car wax. Shines like new. Actually it shines better than new. (Breaking my arm patting myself on the back now).

These countertops should be done every six months or so. Unfortunately they don't get done that often. But if they are kept up they wipe off easier and bacteria is not able to penetrate. Plus they will look great.

Nowadays they sell the granite pre-sealed. That sealer should last up to ten years. So, if you are installing granite, ask for that.